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This is where you will find news about forthcoming publications, appearances in magazines and anthologies, and upcoming live poetry readings ... 

Outré Cantata: Poems Selected and New is now available as a Free PDF Book from this website, the Beliveau Books one, Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, Library and Archives Canada, and Scribd. Paperback copies for those who prefer physical books are available for purchase as well from my Books Page. This edition includes brand new poetry.

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Press Release for Outré Cantata

Outre Cantata Press Release Online 2024.jpg

              New Second Edition!

Now Available from the Books Page!

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Penitent cover.jpg
Penitent Press Release 2024.jpg
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An interview with me by writer Debbie Okun Hill in which we discuss the Black Mallard Poetry Series:

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New interview with me by Poet Laureate Hollay Ghadery on HOWL, CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto!


Listen to it here (Originally aired on April 16, 2024):

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My poem, As Spring Yields to Summer, is on Uproar out of Sarnia:

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The Seattle Star recently published my poem, The Birth of Lovely Veronica. Thanks for the west coast love!

Urban Burlesque Cover for website.jpg

Announcing Urban Burlesque, a brand-new book of poems available in May 2023! Dealing with the state of everyday living in the 2020s.

from Urban Burlesque:

A frown is a smile

standing on its head.

Feet are a pair of hands

unwilling to clasp in prayer.

Toes are cognisant

that fingers are more lovely—

so they never stretch for the sky.


Unable to offer light of its own,

the moon is but a mirror for the sun

in which to worship its own reflection.

What is ugly, anyway?

Is it the absence of beauty

or too much of it all at once?

from the poem, Incongruity

Available from the Books page

"This is the most refreshing book of poetry I have read to date.   The expressive style is exactly perfect for the insecure and rather harsh times we now inhabit ...  you have done this brilliantly in fixing moments that are often horrid, vivid and memory-brutal but nonetheless so true. Truth is the key word of this remarkable book ... it speaks to us in a way that earlier poetry never did, it does not coat the moment in platitudes but bares it in our shared and uncertain humanity.


---Katherine L. Gordon, poet and author 

"I've been browsing through the poems with immense pleasure. Your wry take on our everyday, ordinary doings is sharp and engaging. Your understated wit brought a smile and the shock of recognition. You illuminate the quotidian."


---Don Gutteridge, poet and author 

"In his new collection, Urban Burlesque, Andreas Gripp is a master of cadence, transforming the daily prosaic into poetry."


---Penn Kemp, poet and author, inaugural London Poet Laureate 

"Edgy, muscular and musical, with a nice dash of the absurd. Some of my favourite poems were

Poetasters, Dedication, Methocarbomal 1500mg, Patrick 50 years later, Horticulture, Early Birds, and Victor. Great work!"

---Mike Madill, poet and author 

"Your poems are so full of life ... fun to read!"


---Anna Yin, poet and author, former Mississauga Poet Laureate 

Now Available from the Books Page!

Cameo and other rarities front cover (2).jpg
Cameo and other rarities back cover.jpg

           Available Now
     from the Books Page!

You're Dead After School Press Release 2023.jpg

      Available Now
from the Books Page!

Bombs Away Dream Baby Press Release Online.jpg
New Poetry Anthology edited by Andreas Gripp
Available Now from Black Mallard! Order Here
Stones Beneath the Surface Press Release.jpg

Did you know you can book me for a live appearance (Reading, Festival, School) via the League of Canadian Poets? I'm honoured to be included as a Full Member. Here's the link to my page:

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And as if I'm not in enough places, I've just joined goodreads! All of my latest titles (as well as some older, out-of-print ones) can be found there. You can also see what I've been reading. Hope to see y'all here:

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Available April 2024!

Lucky Ones Front Cover 2024.jpg
Lucky Ones Press Release 2024.jpg

Available Spring 2024!

selected poems 8th ed Andreas Gripp Front Cover.jpg
Selected Poems 8th Edition Back Cover.jpg

The Ultimate Selected and New!!! 285 poems, starting from the early 2000s up to the Spring of 2024. All of the favourites, both classic and freshly penned, are included. Now available to order (physical copies) or download (free digital version) from my Books Page

Recent and Upcoming Live Readings:
















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Tuesday, February 20, 2024   6:30pm

Central Library, 3rd Floor Board Room

Andreas Gripp

Poetry Reading from Outré Cantata:

Poems Selected and New

+ Discussion on "People's Poetry"

and its relation to other literary genres

©2024 Andreas Connel-Gripp. Background photo by Andreas Gripp

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