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Personal Bio: Andreas Connel-Gripp. Born and raised in London, Canada, and now living in Stratford, Ontario, where I reside with my wife and two cats. Non-binary (they/them/their).


Lit Bio: Andreas Gripp (Andreas Connel-Gripp) is the author of various poetry and art publications including Selected Poems 2000-2020 (Beliveau Books, 2020) and still and unstill (Beliveau Books, 2021).  Poems by Andreas Gripp have also appeared in a number of Canadian  anthologies including Hearthbeat: Poems of Family and Hometown (Hidden Brook Press, 2021), Tamaracks: Canadian Poetry for the 21st century (Lummox Press, 2018), Piping at the End of Days (Valley Press, 2017), and Moon Shine: A Canadian Poetry Collection (Craigleigh Press, 2015). Original photos and artwork often accompany their writings. Andreas also takes photographs detailing architecture, nature, everyday objects, as well as self-portraits touching upon perspective, symmetry, and queerness. Most recently, they are the editor of The Stratford Quarterly.

Below are a mix of photos ft. Andreas ...

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Andreas and Carrie Mill Pond second pic
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love will always be love. Happy #Valenti
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