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Right here! The "Buy Now" link will allow you to purchase via credit card or PayPal. If you want to pay by cheque or money order, simply email and the details on how to do that will be sent to you. Free PDF downloads are provided below.

Outre Cantata New and Selected Poems by Andreas Gripp Front Cover 2024.jpg
Outré Cantata: Poems Selected & New

ISBN 978-1-927734-42-1

124 poems featuring old favourites and numerous ones

written in 2023.  252 pgs. $25 (includes shipping). 

Published in 2024 by Beliveau Books.

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Still and Unstill Front Cover 2021.jpg

still and unstill

ISBN 978-1-927734-33-9

Photography and Art by Andreas Gripp. 2024 Edition.

Free PDF
Penitent cover.jpg
The Penitent

ISBN 978-1-927734-44-5

The Penitent, or Cannon Foster's Dissonance Revolution, is a volume of Beat Poetry, newly revised with additional poems for this 2nd Edition. 77 pgs. $15 (includes shipping). 2024

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Urban Burlesque Cover for website.jpg

Urban Burlesque  

ISBN 978-1-927734-35-3


Brand New poems written in 2023, capturing the

present zeitgeist befalling our digital humanity. 

119 pgs. $20 (includes shipping).

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Cameo and other rarities front cover (2).jpg

The Cameo & other rarities  

ISBN 978-1-927734-39-1


A collection of misfit poems, odds and ends, poems

in the attic, most presented digitally for the first time. Printed copies are also available to order. 87 pgs. 2023. $15 (includes shipping).

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You're Dead After School Front Cover 2024.jpg

You're Dead After School  

ISBN 978-1-927734-41-4


Even more brand new poems written in 2023!

Blending biting nostalgia with the loam of living

in the present day. 134 pgs. $20 (includes shipping)

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Bombs Away Dream Baby by Andreas Gripp 2024 Front Cover.jpg

Bombs Away, Dream Baby  

ISBN 978-1-927734-43-8


Andreas Gripp's newest is a kamikaze game of chicken with a society lodged in a disingenuous display of gravitas. Poems often irreverent and at war with a world at war, capturing the challenges of existing in this present milieu. 2024. 104 pgs. $20 (includes shipping). 

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Lucky Ones Front Cover 2024.jpg

The Lucky Ones  

ISBN 978-1-927734-45-2


Irreverent when it’s called for, The Lucky Ones is a blend of personal and global chronicles, fine-tuned with a relentless and memorable cadence. This brand-new volume of verse embodies the ethos of contemporary tragicomedy. 2024. 120 pgs. $20 (includes shipping). 

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selected poems 8th ed Andreas Gripp Front Cover.jpg

Selected Poems 8th Edition

ISBN 978-1-927734-47-6


The Ultimate Selected and New!!! 285 poems in all, covering the early years and right up to the Spring of 2024. All of the favourites are here. 567 pgs. $40 (includes shipping). 

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