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Selected Poems 2000-2022 by Andreas Grip

Latest Release

The Final Edition of Selected Poems by London writer Andreas Gripp, whose verse has been praised for its accessibility, emotive narrative, and for being grounded within the human experience. Well over 200 poems, including several written in 2022. Offered as a free digital book download as well as a 400-page paperback book available for purchase right here!
Digital Re-Release Date: 01/16/23

Andreas has the ability to connect with his readers through the easy flow and mastery of his words. He is one of the best poets in Canada.


-- Patricia Shields, author and poet

Reminiscent of Cohen but more biting. A gifted, eloquent, and very brave bard.

-- Katherine L. Gordon, author and poet

The lyricist of our nation, determined to give the oftentimes untold stories of personal tragedies; the conveyor in the most exquisitely personable language of seasonal wisdoms; and perhaps among the leading spokespersons for the reinstatement of the poetic voice in contemporary verses.

—Conrad Didiodato, author and poet

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