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What Was To Be . . .

So today I was to originally be part of a special poetry event at the Agora Gallery here in Stratford, along with Carrie Lee Connel, Ronda Wicks Eller, David Stones, and Jennifer Wenn. This live reading has been indefinitely postponed and may not happen until July. On the plus side, both Carrie and I will now have brand new books to launch at the aforementioned "Poetry 2020" event, after which my life as a poet will be done, since Festival City is indeed my swan song and I really don’t want to put myself “out there” anymore—it’s been a lonely, painful process for the past 28 years, and health-wise, I’m unable to continue. So though this plague thing has delayed my retirement from the literary scene in terms of a calendar date, it wasn’t able to stop the creativity inside me and I’ll be very fortunate to end this part of my life on my own terms this Summer. Thanks for reading.


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