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The Apostasy of Daylight

Belief can easily get in the way of truth – whether that belief pertains to matters of faith or of love. Having preconceived notions about how the world works and our place in the universe can prevent us from discovering the way things may or may not be. There is nothing wrong with not knowing, or with knowing that what you held to be true may be disproven.

Light has a way of revealing reality without making a judgement. It simply shows things to be what they are: nothing more, nothing less. And sometimes by doing so, our sacred texts and tenets are challenged. In the end, all light is a form of sunlight, and from that ultimate source our breath, our thoughts and our everyday experiences have their origin. The sun itself was birthed from earlier light, even before the formation of our galaxy; a light traced back to the beginning, if there is indeed something we can call a “beginning.”

This poem is an episode revealed in the light: sometimes by that of the day, sometimes by the glow of the stars. And sometimes by that which we can find within ourselves amid the losses that living and loving inevitably bring us.

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