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Saints & Sinners

The only difference

between immoral and

immortal is the t,

the cross of Christ,

the minister said,

leaving the sinful

ways behind,

embracing a

forever life,

which made no

sense to me,

that I’m always

finding fault

with would-be gods,

their denouncement

of all things sex,

that without it

there’s no living

to begin with,

eternal or otherwise,

that a baby

born to an

unwed mum

is no different

than the blessed,

birthed of couples

espoused in church,

sealed with water

and the Triune


But what is it

about the letter


that gives it

so much power?

To be the bearer

of the sentence

of death? Its


from a single word

resulting in our


That your failure

to invite it over

spoke of the darkness

of your soul?

When you guzzled

all the whiskey

from the bottle—

embraced the prostitute

who offered


that Madonna

loved both girls

and boys like you,

that a drunken

ménage à trois

was somehow wrong ;

that the Lord of

Hosts would neglect

to give you credit,

for knowing a

clever deal

when you saw one,

that if you sin

sin wisely,

at once in a single


claim that you had had

an awful day,

a doubling devil-


that everyone on Earth

has such a day,

an S that slithers

softly in the tree, offers

something better

than letter T,

says living forever

isn’t half the fun

it was, that quality

should be considered,

that it’s preferable

to fornicate

while you’re young ,

do the deed

while supple & spry,

that the worst thing

that can happen

is a child enters the world,

knowing the English

alphabet by five,

haggles for a discount

with that damnable



the one who whispers

judgement in your ear,

says you’ll grow

to rue the day

you took advantage

of its absence,

had some fun

at your own expense,

learn how torrid

the flames will be

while all the saved

are bored to tears,

hoping they’ll

douse the blaze,

with an errant

water balloon, the largest

of its kind, hurled

in a surprising moment

the Saviour’s back

is turned away,

testing a fettered

faith, one that really

fits them to a t.

Andreas Gripp

November 12, 2023

Andreas Gripp

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